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National Parks and Conservation Services



Mauritius has been made infamous because the dodo originated from Mauritius is extinct (as dead as the dodo). However although Mauritius has less than 2% of its native forest left, and harbour one of the most threatened island floras in the world, the interactions that have evolved between the plants and animals that remain and the forests that they live in are unique and amazing.

National Parks & Conservation Service

NPCS is the government department that advises on all matters relating to conservation, and works to protect and conserve our wonderful biodiversity. The National Parks and Conservation Service (NPCS), was established on 9 May 1994 under Section 8 of the Wildlife & National Parks Act 1993. It is headed by the Ag. Director Mr. M Puttoo, who is responsible to and advises the Ministry of Agro Industry, Food Production & Security on all matters related to the conservation of terrestrial flora and fauna. The main office of NPCS is located at Réduit.
The mission statement of the National Parks & Conservation Service is to ensure sustainable management and restoration of native terrestrial Mauritian fauna and flora so as to retain its genetic biodiversity for future generations through in-situ and ex-situ conservation, ecosystem restoration, public awareness, promotion of ecotourism, research and implementation of international conventions.