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National Parks and Conservation Services

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Head Office
The Head office of the National Parks & Conservation Service is found in the ex-premises of the Dairy Chemistry Lab, just in front of the Division of Veterinary Services, Réduit.

It consists of the office of senior officers, such as the Director and Deputy Director, Establishment Section, CTES Management Authority and offices for Scientific and Technical Staff managing projects in the field.
Registry Tel No.: (230)464 4053
Fax No.: 466 0453
Contact Details

Senior Management Staff
​Surname ​Name ​Designation​ Office No ​Cellular No ​E-mail Address
​Puttoo Mannickchand ​Director ​464 2993 5​256-9643

​Bachraz Vishnuduth ​Deputy Director ​466-2116 ​5256-9740
Ruhomaun ​Kevin

​Senior Scientific Officer  Conservation)

​464-4016 ​5251-1195
Scientific Officers (Conservation)
​Surname ​Name ​Section Office No. ​Cellular No. ​E-mail Address
​Sookhareea ​Rajendra Prasad ​Fauna Management ​465-8751 ​251 1995 ​
​Gopal ​Vineshwar Sharma ​Public Awareness ​464-4053 ​251-1981 ​
​Nundlaul ​Vimul ​Offshore Islets Management ​464-4053 ​256-4896 ​
​Ragen ​Parmananda ​Flora Management ​464-4053 ​251-1985 ​
​Naujeer ​Houshna Banu ​Wetland Management ​464-4053 ​251-1984

Technical Officer/Senior Technical Officer (Wildlife) 

Surname ​Name ​Section ​Office No. ​Cellular No ​E-mail Address
​Pandoo ​Seewajee ​Officer in Charge of Gerald Durell Endemic Wildlife Sanctuary ​217 2886 ​251-1984 ​
​Public Awareness ​464-4053
​Gowry ​Aradhna ​Officer in Charge of CITES UNIT ​483-6832
Ramjeeawon ​Deepak ​Officer in Charge of NPPC ​670 4108
​Ramen Jagadisen ​Officer in Charge Islet Section ​
​Sauba ​Shoma ​Officer in Charge Bras D'Eau National Park ​464 4053
NPCS Rangers
Surname ​Name ​Designation ​Section ​Office No ​Cellular No.
Moolee ​Paul ​Senior Park Ranger ​Management BRGNP, Bras D'Eau ​464 4053 ​258-0056
​Allet Mario ​Park Ranger ​Officer in Charge, Bel Ombre Section ​258-0058
​Jumoorty ​Raffick ​Park Ranger ​Officer in Charge , Petrin Section ​471 1128 ​258-0057
​Gobin Mahandra​ ​Park Ranger ​Officer in Charge, Black River Lower Gorges Section ​258-0059
Ragoobeer ​Veekash ​Park Ranger ​Officer in Charge, Bras D'Eau Section