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​​ Overview​

The National Parks and Conservation Service (NPCS) is responsible for the management of our native terrestrial biodiversity and its ecosystem.

The National Parks and Conservat​​ion Service (NPCS) is one of the institutions falling under the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security. It was established on 9 May 1994 under Section 8 of the Wildlife and Nationa​l Parks Act of 19​93.  The Wildlife and National Parks Act 1993 has since been repealed and has been replaced by the Native Terrestri​al Biodiversity and National Park Act 2015.


Since its creation, NPCS has initiated several actions in different areas of biodiversity. In the initial stage focus was laid on endangered species recovery and park management but with time, NPCS has become one of the major institutions responsible for the conservation of terrestrial biodiversity.
NPCS also works in close collaboration with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, which is a non-governmental organisation, to protect the fauna and flora of the island.
This institution is headed by a Director and the latter is assisted by the Deputy Director and a team of experienced Senior Scientific Officer, Scientific Officers, Technical Officer/ Senior Technical Officers, Park Ranger cadre, establishment staff and general workers.
The NPCS also collaborates with international institutions such as Royal Botani​c Garden Kew​, Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest​​ and national institutions namely the University of Mauritius and other Ministries. ​

Interesting fact

  • ​Since the creation of NPCS, no endemic species has gone extinct.

​Pandanus iceryi , considered extinct has been​ rediscovered.